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Everyone needs to care about their skin a little more

Maybe it’s because I’m a fanatic for skincare, obsessed with the endless clarity of skin and horrified when a pimple unexpectedly lands on my face, but I find skincare incredibly important. Putting my obsession with skincare aside, I am a person who really doesn’t understand how individuals are so careless with the largest organ in their body. Seriously, can everyone just care about their skin a little more?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, one that replenishes new every seven years. It is critical because it provides a physical barrier for the vital organs inside your body. Your skin also protects the body from the many viruses and bacteria it is exposed to on a diurnal basis. Additionally, the skin essentially gives inadequate protection from the sun's rays (and specifically, harmful UV light), that is very susceptible to causing damage to cells. With all these various functions that aid the human body, it is only fair that people care for the skin just as much as it cares for the entire body.

Before adopting a regimen, identify your skin type. Your entire skin surface doesn’t necessarily have the same exact qualities; you may have dry skin on your forearms but your face is hydrated enough. Types of skin can range from acne-prone, dry, mixed, oily and sensitive. Identifying problem areas can help in switching the right products and knowing which ones to apply. 

The basic regimen to care for the skin involves properly cleansing and nourishing the skin. You need to know that the skin around your eyes is thinner than the skin on your face, which is thinner than the skin on your neck. The varying levels of thickness of skin each require their separate methods of care. Eye creams are delicately formulated and are essential in ensuring that the skin around the eyes is properly moisturized. Face creams are formulated more thickly, and penetrate the skin in order to moisturize the pores. Washing your face and moisturizing it should be an everyday occurrence. Make it a habit. Skincare deserves your attention just as much as any other healthy habit. You don’t have to adopt a rigorous twelve-step process that caters to each skincare need; using a face wash and moisturizer is enough. 

Besides hydrating your face, body hydration is paramount as well. Make it a habit to put lotion on after every shower, since the soap has a drying effect on the natural oils of the skin. Lotion combats the dryness through replenishment. Dryness can often lead to skin problems such as mild eczema, and so adopting a fixed practice of moisturizing is valuable. 

Additionally, always be sure to use the most underrated element of skincare: sunscreen. The sun is a constant danger to your skin, being capable of damaging skin cells in ways that can lead to skin cancer. Even on cloudy days, UV lights can damage the skin. If there’s one thing you should always put on before you leave the house, it is sunscreen. 

Skin care is perhaps most confused as a form of indulgence. Sure, face masks can be regarded as such, but skin care itself is very critical in ensuring one’s body is protected and healthy. Healthy skin is a precursor to a healthy-functioning body, and as such, skin care should become part of everyone’s daily routine of hygiene.  

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