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This collection of poetry details one individual’s personal journey to self-acceptance. Along the way, she discovers that sounds can be both deceiving and tranquil. Tunes can be served by life on a beautiful platter and then leave a bitter aftertaste. The syllables, vowels and consonants all paint voyages of heartbreak, dreams and ultimate self-discovery, while suggesting a certain catharsis is taking place in the narration. Political themes and feminism are woven throughout the collection, from the eyes of a woman whose path may have lost the sweet sounds that once trailed her, but navigated enough through life to reach the pinnacle of contentment. Check out sneak peeks below!

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I've always been so desperately fond of art. The techniques. The palettes. The individual intimacy found within its abstract shapes. The singular understanding between painting and viewer. And so this collection of poetry is an ode to all the masterpieces of the world, from Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" to Fragonard's "The Swing." Check out sneak peeks below!

Walking through the World's Gallery

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cover reveal coming soon

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